Hello! I’d like to take a min and thank you for checking out my site! It is much appreciated. I am, however, relatively new and continuously making changes to improve. I’m very green on this idea and still learning my way! I have included a feedback area to help with any constructive, but yet not hurtful, insight and/or criticism. Also, included a donation section as well, to help through the process of starting out and trying to succeed. If you would like to donate and help, we would be so grateful! The one main goal to embark on this journey was to help my family, my 5 children, through this difficult pandemic. I am still learning and attempting to be better. Thank you for taking the time out checking out this site!

Please, don’t forget to check out the items available to purchase! I am still learning and making the items more each week, so keep posted!


Published by risiScreation

Engulfed in confusion, drama and other sorts. I am displayed as a beast with a mild heart of gold. As I comfort myself within, I contain my true form from the most hurtful dwellers who can't help themselves from ego and selfishness.

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