My Life As Mary

I suffer from numerous things. Some of which are bipolar disease filled with crippling anxiety. Along with it, OCD and trying to overcome social anxiety disorder. Non of these conditions I use an excuse or as an advantage. I do what I think is best and try my hardest. I’m a middle aged chick. I don’t like to use the word woman, it’s too formal for my taste. I have three beautiful children. I will proudly admit that I am not perfect and have and will always make mistakes. I’m not smarter than everyone and I do not know everything. A lot of times, I learn as I go. So far, it has definitely been a trying adventure with lots of suffering and heartache. I don’t ask for pity or empathy, nor do I ask for any sympathy. I am definitely sure I do not have the worst “in life”, but it is my life which has made it hard for me. The one thing I never do is make excuses for what I’ve done or sit and whine about things. There isn’t a point to sit and complain about your life, if you’re not going to do anything about it. No one wants to hear it. Take some action, make a difference, make a change! Find a way, not an excuse!


Published by risiScreation

Engulfed in confusion, drama and other sorts. I am displayed as a beast with a mild heart of gold. As I comfort myself within, I contain my true form from the most hurtful dwellers who can't help themselves from ego and selfishness.

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